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The Elvenbane


Book cover done for this year’s AIGA Summer Show. My dad gave me this book when I was younger; I love it. Decided to go with a slightly less “stereotypical fantasy” cover.

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)


A poster design, personal project. More probably to come soon. I’m feeling sappy lately.

For a Friend


I made a goofy YouTube outro image for a Korean friend of┬ámine, and he was super psyched. I love positive feedback! Hahaha. I did not draw the head; he asked me to make something build around his avatar “It doesn’t have to be fancy- just some background, a simple oval body with arms and a Subscribe sign haha.” When I showed this to him, he called it a masterpiece. So there you have it folks – I’m a pro.

DISCLAIMER: This is not Comic Sans, this is actually a comic book styled font called “Comic” and those things are totally different. Obv.

P.S.: Also this is sort of a promo for his Twitter and Facebook accidentally, but I don’t think more than two people ever have probably seen this blog so it’s probably not a very good one. Oh well, hi Michael! <3

Brigadoon Logo

brigadoonI’m a little wary of showing in-progress client work, but I am pretty excited by this one and I’d like to document it. This is just a concept, but so far, this is my favorite of the mess of sketches and ideas I have.