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Cotton candy

I need a scanner or something. The photo isn’t even close to what this looks like on real life; her cheeks are supposed to be NEON! harumph.


First thing done in my new! Studio! (Room in my new house). I’m happy with it, but still not where I want to be. Like anything… Practice.

The Oracle

oracle I had entirely different plans for this, but sometimes drawings tell you what they want to be as you go. This is good practice. I’m happy today. Although, now I super need to go to bed.



peach1Its nice to know I haven’t completely lost my touch. I love the lips, I’m really happy with how those turned out, but I might want the eyes to be slightly different. Oh well. This was a rough sketch. Took me forever to troubleshoot my Cintiq on the Windows desktop, but it was worth it. The sketch itself took me…less than an hour?


ruby Weirdly enough, this photographs worse than it looks in real life! So, this was a watercolor experiment…I’m not getting the hang of them *quite* yet. Watercolor is not forgiving, so I had some bleeding issues as well as “crap painting over this too much just…removes the paint” and had a lot of trouble getting the color and shadows of her skin right. I think I need to stop treating it like a pencil probably, and treat it like watercolor. I don’t think I’m going to get subtle gradation or the perfectly mixed skintone. (As you can see here by the filthy, splotchy look of it.) She should look more chic than homeless. Or like she has a beard. But oh well. It’s a learning process.



I don’t know why this is so horrifying. Definitely not my usual lady portrait!

Three Styles


This was my first assignment for an online illustration course I’m taking. Take an image (in this case, a random profile photo that showed up in my Facebook Feed… thank you Lacey for unknowingly becoming my subject!) and draw the image in three distinctly different styles of other artists you like.

1) Describe each style you chose to emulate. I tried Fiona Staples, Jim Mahfood, and Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde. Fiona is really good at economy of line, and doing a lot with a little (linework, that is). Jim is all over the place and wild, and I don’t think mine was very successful. His hand is loose and he balances heavy ink with tiny quick lines. Ira’s style is super cute, round, and soft, with big eyes and a beautiful use of controlled watercolor and depth/shadow.

2) What did you learn while working on each of these? I feel like my own “style” is more unique than I thought, because purposely trying to copy other styles was REALLY FREAKING HARD. Way harder than I expected. I’m also too impatient to spend lots of time on one drawing…but I think I knew that about myself already.

3) Which one was easy for you? Which one was the most challenging? Why? The watercolor, surprisingly, I think came out the best. But my impatience and inexperience with them led me to painting too soon on wet areas that I assumed were dry, and then lots of bleeding and trying to fix it…oops. Jim’s style was the hardest. I think I really struggled against my natural movements and control. It felt more like my lines were an afterthought and trying to make it look messy than really understanding the process itself.

4) What elements of your experience would you like to apply to future projects? I really like the use of watercolor for color and shading (I used to use marker a lot, but I like how the watercolor came out. I think I need to try to break out of my comfort zone more often in general. Too often I think I draw from habit and muscle memory, which isn’t really good practice. I mean, it is, but not in a necessarily beneficial way that will grow my skill and make me a more versatile artist.

Jubilee Redux


Ink and colored pencil. It’s difficult to do these things without a photo reference, but I like how it turned out!



Quick ink sketch of Jubilee, my favorite of the X-Men. No pencil here, straight pen, which is not at all forgiving, but I think it’s good practice.

Work In Progress (Update: 1/20/2016)

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.21.53 PM

djWork in progress. Probably won’t be finished until next week at least, or whenever I have time to work on it at the office during my lunch break. I definitely am going to change a lot, such as the darkest shading on her skin. The color is just a little off.