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I painted this last month, but kept forgetting to upload it. This was based on a photo I took while hiking in Connemara National Park in Ireland a few years ago. I actually took this photo with the intent to paint it someday! I’m pretty happy with it. I’m really enjoying the imperfect impressions watercolor yields.

Hey Julie

 I really need to get a scanner. These photos never do my work justice. I mean just look at the color of the paper here! Does that look white? Sigh. I even tried to color-correct in PS too, but obviously did a half-assed job.

The title is “Hey Julie” because I had that song from Scrubs stuck in my head the entire time I did this.

I don’t think my watercolor skills are particularly strong, so I’m trying to improve. I am actually really happy with this piece, especially the mouth area.


ruby Weirdly enough, this photographs worse than it looks in real life! So, this was a watercolor experiment…I’m not getting the hang of them *quite* yet. Watercolor is not forgiving, so I had some bleeding issues as well as “crap painting over this too much just…removes the paint” and had a lot of trouble getting the color and shadows of her skin right. I think I need to stop treating it like a pencil probably, and treat it like watercolor. I don’t think I’m going to get subtle gradation or the perfectly mixed skintone. (As you can see here by the filthy, splotchy look of it.) She should look more chic than homeless. Or like she has a beard. But oh well. It’s a learning process.

Grumpy Elf



Sea Freckles


seafreckles1Bought some watercolors today, decided to try them out. Photo color might be a little off.