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Cotton candy

I need a scanner or something. The photo isn’t even close to what this looks like on real life; her cheeks are supposed to be NEON! harumph.

Been doing a lot of sketches lately, nothing great to share. But I kind of liked this, even if I look like an old lady. Based off of a photo I took of myself.

The Oracle

oracle I had entirely different plans for this, but sometimes drawings tell you what they want to be as you go. This is good practice. I’m happy today. Although, now I super need to go to bed.



peach1Its nice to know I haven’t completely lost my touch. I love the lips, I’m really happy with how those turned out, but I might want the eyes to be slightly different. Oh well. This was a rough sketch. Took me forever to troubleshoot my Cintiq on the Windows desktop, but it was worth it. The sketch itself took me…less than an hour?

Untitled Doodle


Green Elf




Just a little sketch. Rusty.

Violet Flame


Not great but it’s been a while. Life messes you up sometimes, but not forever.



Just doodling.

Economy of Line

flirtydisgusted eyes

Homework #2. I did this SO WRONG. Haha. There was a warmup exercise with 24 practice faces (the same 12, two times), that were supposed to be QUICK, SIMPLE drawings. This expressions sheet was supposed to be 25 faces, I THINK with time involved, and the same person 24 times. I instead did these as simple doodles and let the face be whatever it felt like. Oops. I don’t like all of them, so I only included two I liked here.

The other exercise was 50 sets of eyes, in ink. What’s interesting is I think the expressions and age/sex variation in the eyes got more varied as I went on, because I was struggling to make them different from each other. …And yes there’s only 48. Shh.